Pictures of T-shirts That Intentionally Portray Men the Way Society Portrays Women

Photo credits: Man Who Has It All

We all know that base on gender roles, men have to see life through the eyes of a certain woman’s experience. A woman has always been the dominant sex in parts for art, science, etc., while men have always been domestic responsibilities like cleaning the house and taking care of children.

1. Scientist vs. Male Scientist

Photo credits: Man Who Has It All

1. A Facebook and Twitter account under the name ‘Man Who Has It All’ post pictures about this, revealing the funny thing about the gender expectations by reversing its sexes. Always remember that men and women must be treated equally. In this picture, it shows that there is a scientist and a male scientist.

2. Lawyer vs. Male Lawyer

Photo credits: Man Who Has It All

2. Of course, there will always be a female and male lawyer. It doesn’t matter who’s better, the important thing is, both are successful.

3. Architect vs. Male Architect

Photo credits: Man Who Has It All

3. We all know that anyone can be an Architect. Both male and female have creative minds that can design houses and buildings.

4. Programmer vs. Male Programmer

Photo credits: Man Who Has It All

4. In the IT Industry, we are all aware that there are more male programmers than female; but even though this is a fact, it doesn’t mean that men are better than women in programming.

5. Engineer vs. Male Engineer

Photo credits: Man Who Has It All

5. Our world has created a massive number of successful engineers. They are the reason why we live in an innovative place today. We should be thankful for all engineers; there is no need to compare.

6. Professor vs. Male Professor

Photo credits: Man Who Has It All

6. We are fully aware that if we hear the job professor, it’s always a man. We must start thinking that anyone can be a professor, whether male or female.

7. Politician vs. Male Politician

Photo credits: Man Who Has It All

7. In the world of politics, we know that there is a lot of males as well. It doesn’t mean that male is more powerful and more intelligent; remember that.

8. Author vs. Male Author

Photo credits: Man Who Has It All

8. Both genders have broad imagination; anyone can be an author. Anyone can make books, no gender needed.

9. Journalist vs. Male Journalist

Photo credits: Man Who Has It All

9. A writer has no gender requirement as well. We can all work together to spread relevant information in different ways.

10. Physicist vs. Male Physicist

Photo credits: Man Who Has It All

10. Of course, everybody learned physics in school. There’s no such thing as male or female physics learners.

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