Pictures of the Coolest Buses and Vans in the World

Photo credits: PalmTreesAndFunnyThings

1. This bus has a fully-functional kitchen inside it. Who would not want to go on a trip inside a coach that has a kitchen? You won’t have to worry about being hungry; no need for a drive-through in McDonald’s. This bus wouldn’t be complete if it doesn’t have a bed, and guess what, it does! Not to mention that interior design of it.

Photo credits: Bored Panda

2. This fantastic bus is starting to look like a home. It shows a comfortable living room inside which makes it so convenient to stay. Imagine traveling while relaxing? That would be so good!

Photo credits: Happy Home Bodies

3. Is a bus too large? Why not a Van with a comfy bedroom? This van could be a “dream come true” for every traveler. This van is perfect for a stop-over in mesmerizing sceneries.

Photo credits: The_Wayward_Blonde

4. School bus turned into a cozy house. If you are fond of designing and having a new feel and life for open spaces, this is the sound output.

Photo credits: Navigation Nowhere

5. Why not turn your van into a home? This van’s name is Atlas, look at its interior design. You got everything right here.

Photo credits: PalmTreesAndFunnyThings

6. Nothing is better than traveling with your whole family. This school bus has transformed into a moving house; this family’s decision of doing this changed their lives forever. Many would say that it’s hard. Most would also say it’s much easier to clean this.

Photo credits: Gabriel and Debbie

7. What could be better than converting a 1966 Greyhound Bus for commuters into a Mobile home? If you’ll check the picture, it doesn’t look like an old bus anymore. It looks so roomy and comfortable.

Photo credits: Glatts

8. This van is every traveling couple’s dream. It has a comfy bed and a stove which makes it perfect for late night drives.

Photo credits: Michelle Lawrence

9. Having your traveling van with a bedroom is fantastic. If you often travel to certain places and you’ll feel tired of driving, this is where this van is handy. Also, bring your beloved dog so you won’t feel alone!

Photo credits: Susicruzz

10. If you like lying down and looking out on views, this van is perfect for you. This person created an open space at the back of his van so he can enjoy different sceneries anywhere.

Photo credits: Marcelvibes

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