Pictures of the Most Dangerous Endangered Cold-blooded Animals in the World

Photo Credit: Matthijs Kuijpers

1. The Blue White-Lipped Island Pit Viper Snake

Photo Credit: Matthijs Kuijpers

Here is an extremely dangerous creature. This snake has heat pits which help them see in the dark. It only means that they can easily hunt for food even at night.

2. Masobe Gecko

Photo Credit: Matthijs Kuijpers

If you thought geckos are cute, they aren’t. This rare creature is highly threatening, and is found in rain forest, timbers and even farmlands. If you happen to encounter these, be careful.

3. Siamese Peninsula Pitviper Snake

Photo Credit: Matthijs Kuijpers

One of the most dangerous snakes to be ever discovered, it has eyes that have an unbelievable infrared version. It only means that they are excellent hunters whether it’s day or night,

4. Jackson’s Chameleon

Photo Credit: Matthijs Kuijpers

Chameleon’s aren’t harmful, but this type is, it has horns which they use to fight other species and to impress female chameleons. Tropical forest with high altitudes is their habitat.

5. Oophaga Pumilio or Strawberry Poison Frog

Photo Credit: Matthijs Kuijpers

You might think it’s cute because it has a strawberry on its name, but it also has a poison which makes it not. Beware of this creature because its skin is highly poisonous and toxic.

6. Dendrobates Tinctorius or Dyeing Poison Frog

Photo Credit: Matthijs Kuijpers

Here is another rare type of frog which is also poisonous. It may look adorable with its appearance, but it can cause a lot of trouble.

7. Purple Harlequin Toad

Photo Credit: Matthijs Kuijpers

It was discovered last 2013 and found on the mountain of Nassau, Suriname. They are part of the endangered species and is almost considered to be extinct.

8. Cornsnake

Photo Credit: Matthijs Kuijpers

Here is a rare type of snake which is born with two heads. It has a condition called Polycephaly which is a unique phenomenon in nature. This snake uses both leaders to hunt for food, which makes it so amazing.

9. Western Blue-Tongued Skink

Photo Credit: Matthijs Kuijpers

Here is a type of lizard which has a blue tongue. It’s also rare and dangerous because it’s an omnivore. They are massive lizards and can only leave you thinking if their tongue is cold or what.

10. Giant Monkey Frog

Photo Credit: Matthijs Kuijpers

From the name itself, anyone would be terrified. This giant tree frog is also called Vacina do sapo. They are extremely dangerous because they have different skin poisons that can cause vomiting.

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