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Pictures of the Story Behind a Man who was Bitten by a Lioness When He tried to pet him

Photo Credit: Pieter Nortjé

We all know how dangerous a lion or even a lioness is; they are hungry creatures that eat meat. We may seem adored by videos of cuddling big cats, but we must all remember that they are well-trained. One person named Pieter Nortje got fascinated with the lioness and had the courage to pet it. This 55-year-old artisan was visiting the Tikwe River Lodge which locates in Virginia, South Africa. He was celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary with his wife when this incident happened.

1. The first two pictures show the man petting the lioness. It seems harmless in this image, especially on the left picture.

Photo credit: Pieter Nortjé

2. The second set of pictures show Pieter one of the lions biting him unexpectedly. He was bitten on the arm and dragged. Ilze captured this ugly incident on camera. When Pieter is petting the male lion, he was already foreshadowing what’s about to happen. It was only seconds when a lioness suddenly bites his arm and pulls it from the hole in the fence.

Photo Credit: Pieter Nortjé

The lion’s teeth were reportedly severely drilled dip into Pieter’s arm; it even reached his bone because of the lioness long bite. The man managed to get his arm out of the lion’s mouth. After the incident, the man immediately sent to the Katleho Hospital which locates in Virginia. The man later transferred to a different hospital in Bloemfontein called Pelonomi Hospital. Pieter has reportedly suffered a septic shock after what happened.

This incident reminds us that even if these big cats seem friendly, they are still wild animals. We cannot be too comfortable with them because we’ll never know what they can do to us, humans. Always prioritize safety; we wouldn’t want to be a reason for these lions to be put down just because of our carelessness.

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