Pictures of What People with Astigmatism Sees

Photo Credit: UnusualFacts6

1. In this first picture, it shows a comparison of what ordinary people see and what people with Astigmatism sees. Astigmatism is a vision condition that causes a blurred vision. It occurs when the Cornea (the transparent front part of the eye that covers the Iris) curved inside the human eye.

Photo Credit: UnusualFacts6

2. In this second picture, it shows a vision of people with Astigmatism. Many people might experience this and think this is normal, but it’s not. It’s explained here that the lights create a line making the sight of the person unclear.

Photo Credit: UnusualFacts6

3. In this third picture, it shows a blurry view of how people see the world if they have Astigmatism. The refractive error of the eye causes it. Its mismatched curves prevent the light rays to bend correctly to the eye.

Photo Credit: UnusualFacts6

4. In this fourth picture, it shows two diagrams about Astigmatism. It explains here that a person with this condition has Astigmatic cornea which distorts the focal point of light behind the retina.

Photo Credit: UnusualFacts6

5. Here is a comment of a twitter user CallMeConnor; according to him, he saw the light streaking effect when his windows wipers are running. He is quite a skeptic and thinks that first picture might be capturing the curvature of the front windshield rather than a biological defect.

Photo Credit: CallmeconnorA

6. Twitter User Hilda was also surprised as she said in her comment that she thought people usually saw the lines on those lights. I’m sure that many people thought of it too.

Photo Credit: HildaBillda

7. Mi, another Twitter user, also thought this a normal phenomenon. She even said that she used to entertain with this when she was a kid.

Photo Credit: MamaKekkin

8. Unusual Facts, the twitter user who posted the picture, explained that this is the accurate vision of what people with Astigmatism see. He even revealed that it creates difficulties for people, especially at night.

Photo Credit: UnsualFacts6

9. A Twitter user named Devil May E replied a very blurred picture and explained that she saw the world like that. It shows how Astigmatism is a very typical but severe condition and how it affects people.

Photo Credit: DohBoyGetnMoney

10. The last picture shows a picture of a famous architect, painter, and sculptor named El Greco. It’s believed that he has an Astigmatism, but this condition didn’t stop him from being a great artist.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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