Pictures That Show How Our Lives Looks Like With Modern Gadgets

Photo Credit: Fragarixie

1. E-Spaghetti

Photo Credit: Fragarixie

It shows how innovative our world is now, even with assistance in cooking. In this picture, it depicts a man using a tablet to explain the ingredients of spaghetti. It’s very convenient and can help save time and effort.

2. Overtime

Photo Credit: Fragarixie

Many people can relate to this picture. Most of us do overtimes, especially if we need extra income. Sometimes, we bring our work at home so we can continue it.

3. Dog Walking

Photo Credit: Fragarixie

What could be more interesting than walking your dog using a headset; it isn’t essential, but this picture shows a deep meaning. People are too focused on their smartphones today that they even use it while doing something else. It shows precisely what the world looks like now are.

4. Couple

Photo Credit: Fragarixie

We often see couples walking in the street. In this picture, it shows two people sharing their music with different headsets. It’s an entirely different way of communicating, compared to the earlier generations.

5. Multitasking

Photo Credit: Fragarixie

Most of us would relate to this picture; we are so talented that we can eat while using our smartphones. It’s an advantage but also a bad thing because we’ll get used to being unfocused.

6. Dance Forever

Photo Credit: Fragarixie

What could be more beautiful than this picture? It shows true love together with a mobile phone. It’s so romantic and elegant at the same time.

7. Rapunzel

Photo Credit: Fragarixie

We all know the girl living in a tower with a long hair named Rapunzel, right? If she would have lived today and she’ll be communicating with her prince charming, she can use a smartphone; she won’t need to exert effort to throw down her hair.

8. Sleeping Beauty

Photo Credit: Fragarixie

How about the girl who needed a true love’s kiss to wake up? If Sleeping Beauty is alive today, if her battery is empty, she can sleep forever.

9. Cinderella

Photo Credit: Fragarixie

Does anyone remember Cinderella? If she had left her shoes today, people would take a photo of her shoe or even a video of the incident and post it in social media.

10. Taking Photos of my Dog

Photo Credit: Fragarixie

Who wouldn’t take a picture of his/her dog? If I have a dog of my own, I will take a hundred pictures of her every day. In this generation, it’s so much easier to create photo memories, just one click then it’s there.

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