Say Goodbye to Avocados: The Predestined Effect of Trump Shutting the US-Mexico Border

From avocado salad, bread, soup, avocado toast to avocado beverages, the United States is reliant on importing Mexican fruits to meet the demand of the consumers. Mexico delivers 100 percent of avocados in the US right now.  According to United States Department of Agriculture report, nearly half of the imported US fruits and vegetables are fully grown in Mexico.

Photo Credit: NBC News

On the other hand, there is a possibility that Americans would run out of stock of avocados in just three weeks if the imports for Mexico would stop. This is based on the statement of Steve Barnard, the president and chief executive of Mission Produce which is considered as the world’s largest dealer and grower of Avocados.

According to Trump, there was a big possibility that he would order to close the border if Mexico did not control immigrants from reaching the U.S. This shutdown might interrupt millions of borders crossings as well as billions of dollars that can be earned from the trade. When the border is closed, it is expected that this would greatly affect the consumers based on the statement of Monica Ganley, principal at Quarterra. One of the effects that the consumers would likely to experience is the higher price for the said product.

The effect of this shutdown would run on both ways. Mexico is considered as the US larger importer of exports of diesel and gasoline, which was delivered by rails. It is still unclear if train terminals would also be affected by closures.

Looking for different flavors of food, an increase in the demand for fresh products like fruits and vegetables takes place. United States increasingly depends on Mexico to meet the need for their changing palates. With that being said, imports have reported being nearly tripled in percentage since 1999.

Aside from avocados, most of the imported cucumbers, tomatoes, raspberries and blueberries are grown from Mexico. Even though there are other producers of these products from the other countries, it would also take time to open trade channels according to Ganley.

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