Screenshots of Funny Conversations between People and Siri

Photo Credit: Azmodieus

1. What’s zero divided by zero?

Photo Credit: GJRySer

Siri replied with an insane but funny answer. You don’t expect this response, and it’s incredible. What made it more entertaining is Siri even mentioned the person asking that he had no friends. Hilarious!

2. What can I wear on Halloween?

Photo Credit: mustang1891

Siri with another hilarious response, made the person wear a black dress and act like an eclipse. Siri has an attitude, to be honest, but it’s funny.

3. Will you be my Valentine, Siri?

Photo Credit: jordanhchrist

Even Siri doesn’t want you to be a date. Siri also made up that she has plans. You could have just other virtual assistants.

4. How do I tell my mom I’m gay?

Photo Credit: Azmodieus

Siri almost sent a message saying “I’m gay” to be sent to his mom even if she wasn’t ready. Anyone in this situation would nearly give themselves a heart attack. Probably never ask Siri that again.

5. Do you want to see my naked body?

Photo Credit: ivXan

Siri refused and replied that she already has everything she needs in her cloud. It could be a double meaning that Siri doesn’t want to see the body or she already has a lot of copies. Better revisit your phone!

6. Siri, talk dirty to me.

You could have asked anyone talk dirty to you except Siri. She would talk dirty to anyone, I mean not only literally but also disgustingly.  

7. Do you have a boyfriend, Siri?

Photo Credit: lukeallen1

Siri could have never been real in her entire virtual assisting life. We can safely say that Siri is also as dramatic as any other girls out there. I think Siri had her virtual heartbroken in the past.

8. Can you call my boyfriend, Siri?

Photo Credit: Tarty2000

We couldn’t tell if the person asking Siri is a cheater, or she hasn’t deleted her ex-boyfriend’s number yet. Siri can sometimes be savage, or she’s just clarifying things. It couldn’t be funnier than it already is.

9. When you tell Siri that you want to suicide.

Photo Credit: joseb

Siri would try to help you as much as she can, but if you still insist, she’ll let you die. Anyways, it’s not her problem in the first place.

10. Do you like chocolate muffins, Siri?

Photo Credit: starlight777a

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