The Top 10 Winners of the Drone Photo Taking Contest

Photo Credit: Witold Ziomek

Photography has never been better because of the existence of drones. Imagine taking an aerial shot of the view of a certain place, that’s so awesome. People won’t need to ride an airplane or a helicopter to produce an eye-popping shot of nature or even the views of different countries.

An aerial image of the Nuvalou Group in the Dolomites

Photo Credit:Photo credits to Andrea Giumelli

To start up our list, at top #10, we have this mesmerizing view of the mountain ranges which is located in the Province of Bellurno, Northern Italy. It is recorded that the temperature in this place is at -18c. What makes this image so special is how the sunrise overlaps with the view of the mountains.

The Summit of Mont Blanc

Photo Credit: Matis Dumas

For our top #9 on the list, we have an amazing picture of 4 skiers walking on the summit of Mont Blanc. This mountain is the highest mountain in the Alps. It rises for about 15,777 ft. Just like the top #10 photo, the sunrise made this picture so beautiful.

Hippos on the loose!

Drone Photo
Photo Credit: Martin Sanchez

Our top #8 picture lets us appreciate animals even more. This image shows how adorable a group of the hippopotamus are. It also gives a reminder to people to take good care of all the animals in the world.

City Lights in Rome

Drone Photo
Photo Credit:Mauro Pagliai

We now go to top #7, an aerial drone photo of how Rome looks like at night. The highlight of this image is the Coliseum. The overall picture depicts how glamorous the country of Rome is.

Appreciating Nature in China

Drone Photo
Photo Credit: Dawood

Top #6 shows us an example of how beautiful our nature is. This photo was taken in Huanglongtan, China. It may be a simple picture of trees, birds and a lake, but overall, it reminds us that everything that God created is special. The harmony of the image illustrates how lucky we are to have nature.

The amazing shot of the statue of Kyiv

Drone Photo
Photo Credit: Ristenko Segiy

You won’t believe that our top #5 picture is not edited. This might have been one of the best pictures to have ever existed. This picture shows the statue of Kyiv while being surrounded by fog. It creates a mighty ambiance making it an award-winning drone photo.

Sunrise Meets the Majestic Bagan

Photo Credit: Witold Ziomek

In our top #4, let’s appreciate the beauty of Myanmar. This picture indicates an aerial shot of Bagan with some added details. Again, the sunrise beautified the picture along with the flying air balloons. You might feel the urge to experience riding a hot air balloon by looking at this image.

When Summer meets Winter

Drone Photo
Photo Credit: Michal Sadowski

For our top #3, it shows 2 pictures that were shot 8 months apart. The first thing that should come on your mind is the effort in making this drone photo. To explain this picture, this is an aerial shot of the mountain road which was taken both in Summer and in Winter. You just have to appreciate the talent inserted to create this picture.

The Red Train in Snow

Photo Credit: Sebastianmzh

Our top #2 shows the finesse of color and the country of Switzerland itself. The red train really made this photo outstanding. The way it was taken and how the train is so noticeable, you just can’t get enough of the picture itself.

The Holy Monastery of Mont Saint Michel

Photo Credit: Deryk Baumgärtner

Our top #1 is certainly the best picture on this list. Just look how unimaginable this image is. People might say it’s edited, but it’s not. This award-winning picture captures an aerial shot of a monastery while almost being covered in fog. It looked like a huge tidal wave; it’s very majestic as you stare at it longer.

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