These Congolese Anti Poaching Rangers and Gorillas Posed Selfies with Each Other

Photo Credit: Ranger Mathieu Shamavu, Virunga National Park

It has been well established that us humans can be despicable from time to time. In many different ways, we successfully damage our very own planet with our carelessness and neglect towards our surroundings. We hurt innocent animals using our advanced weapons and cruel minds, and sad to say; we do it for fun. This practice has sparked countless people all around the globe who have dedicated their entire lives to save those who are not able to defend themselves from us, the environment, and the animals. There may still be a long road ahead of them, but it surely is welcome advocacy.

Great examples of these modern heroes are anti-poaching rangers. They do their best to protect the ecology as best as they can from bloodlust humans. This kind acts that some people does restore some faith in humanity, and the rangers at Virunga National Park are some of those people.

Congolese Ranger Mathieu Shamavu Shared This Picture and Quickly Went Viral

Photo Credit: Ranger Mathieu Shamavu, Virunga National Park

The photo shows one of the rangers posing comfortably with two gorillas who live in the National Park, safe from cruel poachers and armed conflicts. Virunga National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site that is protected by a dedicated team of more than 600 rangers. Numerous wars severely impacted this place and armed conflicts before that always disturbed the wellbeing of the humans around it, but also the wildlife as well. Despite that, some poachers still go to this place to hunt some innocent gorillas for food, traditional medicine, and the bushmeat trade. And that is where these valiant rangers come into play. They fight to protect these poor animals, and their incredible bond is visible in the photos.

Photo Credit: Virunga National Park

These rangers have undergone intense training because of the dangers and consequences that may come alongside the great act of protecting the park’s outstanding wildlife. But sometimes, they do need help as well. You may help them by kindly donating to the park; even just a small amount can do wonders for their cause. According to Virunga national park, a single donation of $8 allows them to buy a pair of new boots for the ranger, $32 funds a ranger and their family for an entire day and $150 allows the park to feed an orphan gorilla food and supplements for two weeks.

Having this incredibly dangerous and challenging job is also rewarding since animals show their complete trust for the Rangers, which is seen in the photos.

Photo Credit: Virunga National Park

Protecting one of the most biodiverse protected areas in the world is no easy feat. Virunga national park has been home to 218 mammals, 706 birds, 109 reptiles, 78 amphibians, and 22 primate species. Around one-third of the world’s population of critically endangered mountain gorillas lives in the park. That is a tremendous responsibility to have, but these rangers have dedicated their lives in doing so, in fact, 179 of them have already lost their lives while protecting these animals.

Photo Credit: Virunga National Park

“There is a bond that ties us together. A relationship that is very, very close between the guardians and the gorillas,” says Andre Bauma, the manager of the Senkwekwe Centre. Founded in 1925 to defend its rich biodiversity, the region has the presence of the last 880 mountain gorillas. In 1979, it was classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

If you wish, you can show your support by donating to the park and helping the animals, as well as those who dedicate their lives to save the wildlife.

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