This 2,000-Year-Old Bathhouse Is Still As Famous Today

Hammam Essalihine means “thermal baths of Flavius” or “the bath of the righteous”. This is a bathhouse located at the Kenchala Province in the Northern part of Algeria. This bathhouse is the center of attraction in the Elm Hamma town. With their mild and perfect Mediterranean climate, plus breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, countless tourists visit this place all year. However, nothing beats the attraction that this 2,000-year-old bathhouse brings. This place works as active and as lively just the way it was 2 millennium years ago. Because it was preserved dearly and meticulously, it was known as one of Algeria’s national and protected heritage.

old bathhouse
Photo Credit: ACAA

Algeria is already a beautiful place to go to for a vacation, but there’s another reason why over 700,000 tourists every year give an effort to visit the site. Aside from being old and historical, Hammam Essalihine is also classified as a real golden destination in Algeria because of the bathhouse’ known therapeutic benefits. Visiting the place, some fresh air from the mountains will greet you. The 4921ft above sea level or 1,500 mountain view is already breathtaking, but you cannot also miss the classic Roman Architecture of the place.

Famous, old, and Therapeutic

You can also look forward to the therapeutic benefits of the legendary Hammam Essalihine’s water. Its temperature ranges from 158 °F or 70°C. A lot of tourists claimed that these waters could help people who are suffering from respiratory, dermatological and rheumatic diseases. But aside from being a bathhouse, this Hammam Essalihine also offers a spa which covers several services. Some of these services include massages, specialized hydrotherapy sessions, and other relaxation treatments. You can rest assured that this beautiful tourist destination offers nothing but the most relaxing time. Why? Because they selected and hired expert physiotherapists to serve all tourists with their needs.

old bathhouse
Photo Credit: Ghezal Tarek

If you have continuously been under stress, Hammam Essalihine is a must-visit place. However, aside from the picturesque natural surroundings, one of the notable features that this place has is its astounding stability. Being able to keep the bathhouse for 2,000 years of wars, earthquakes and economic struggles without forgetting the traditional bathing ritual is genuinely something.

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