This Boy Started Crocheting At the Age of 5 and Is Now A Crochet Master at 11 Years Old

Crocheting may look as if it can only be enjoyed by our grandmas but what if I tell you that an 11 year old kid has already made it his passion. This boy wonder of crocheting is named Jonah Larson.  A lot will be surprised to see how he loves to do this activity at his young age and the amazing skill he has for it. As of right now, he has trended worldwide because of this unusual skill for children at his age, boasting  more than 133 thousand followers on Instagram, 26 thousand subscribers on his Youtube channel, and has his own book deal!

The boy was born in Ethiopia and was eventually adopted by a beautiful family. With the young age of just 5, he has discovered his undying passion for crocheting which was quickly developed by countless of Youtube tutorials he watched. Sooner rather than later, he has already mastered the craft and has begun making high-quality mittens, blankets, and table-runners.

Here are some of his amazing works:

Jonah has started his own business with the help of his mother; it is named Jonah’s Hands where he sells his handmade works of art. Ever since he went viral, Jonah received tons and tons of orders from thousands of people. However, his mother decided not to take them all as a young kid just like Jonah will surely be unable to fulfill them all.

The exceptional 11 year old has received a lot fan mail from people who admired his undeniable skills. They even begun asking for lessons from the boy himself. Due to his popularity and skills to the craft, Jonah has been labeled as the crocheting prodigy. Not to mention, a crochet master at his very young age too. Jonah is undoubtedly a bright kid as he even skipped a grade in school because he tested high on an IQ test. As of today, Jonah and his mom have begun working on a book called: “Hello, Crochet Friends!” but the boy wonder has bigger plans for the future. He is working hard at school alongside his crochet career in order to become a future surgeon.

And that is not all! Jonah has been using his talents as well to give back to his people in Ethiopia. He sends his goods and collects funds to help fellow Ethiopian children achieve their respective goals. This child is indeed a one of a kind!

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