This Woman Tried To Take a Selfie with a Jaguar and Was Attacked By It; the Zoo Confirms That the Jaguar Won’t Be Put Down

People tend to forget that these wild animals can still be lethal even though they may be in the confines of a zoo. Back on 2017, a gorilla named Harambe was sadly killed after a 4 year old boy managed to get into his enclosure. The death of the seemingly innocent gorilla trended worldwide and produced a wide backlash from the people of the internet.  A lot of people had begun blaming zoo keepers and even the child’s parent s for allowing the child to reach the gorilla’s cage carelessly.  The world could have moved on from this but sadly, some people just wouldn’t learn. Some are still getting themselves into dangerous situations by not obeying the rules implemented by the zoos.

Her Story

A young woman from Arizona made the mistake of getting too close to a Jaguar which could have been fatal to either the careless woman or the animal involved. This woman wanted a selfie with the said Jaguar and decided to carelessly cross the barrier that separates her from the wild animal to get a closer angle. Due to its defensive instincts, the jaguar reached out and grabbed the careless woman’s arm with its claws. The victim suffered deep scratches and was taken immediately to the hospital to treat her serious injuries.

Photo Credit: ZooWildlife

The story went viral and once again. The internet has voiced its displeasure with the carelessness of the woman. They began worrying about the well being and the future of the jaguar involved. The Wildlife Word Zoo released a statement reminding people that those barriers are put there for a reason. Plus, they also eassured that the Jaguar won’t be put down to the rejoice of the people. We hope that this will now be a lesson to zoo visitors that the rules are made to protect you. And asked to please comply with them for your own safety and for the animals in it as well.

Photo Credit: ZooWildlife

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