Top 10 Unexpected and Epic Photos of Random Things Around Us

Photo Caption: BunyipPouch

The world just seriously has lots of beautiful stuff to offer. Sadly, most of the time, we do not have the time to appreciate these things. Thus, to make up for those times, here are some of the most exceptional and epic never before seen photos of things all around us that will surely make your jaws drop in amazement.

1. What Grains of Salt Looks Like Under the Microscope

Salt is just pure, small cubic crystals when we look at them with our bare eyes, but what if we try to look at it using an electron microscope? Well, this is a beautiful result. Salt grains do not just look like cubes because they are built through several overlapping cubes. The scientific explanation? As we all know, salt is made up of two atoms, chloride and sodium. And thus, when the molecules of these atoms were joined, they naturally transform into a cube form.

Photo Credit: BunyipPouch

2. Strawberries on Focus

Strawberries look as pretty as they are near or far. However, what if we take a picture of it much nearer? This is a macro photograph of a strawberry. If you will notice, it seems that these fruits have more fruits in them. The yellow-pear-looking thing in the picture is the “seeds” or more specifically the “ovaries” of strawberries. These ovaries are the one that holds the “real seeds” inside the berry.

Photo Caption: BunyipPouch

3. Baby Flamingos

You might be contemplating about the real identity of these cute fluffy creatures. They are not ducks, geese nor chickens because they are a bunch of pink flamingos in the making. Well, to tell you honestly, flamingos are born colorless and not with their brilliant pink colors. These feathery creatures gradually turn pink as they grow as they continue to feed red milk from their parents.

Photo Credit: ashiruuu

4. Ice Crystals from Switzerland

Ice crystals are stunning as they are as they go in different shapes in sizes. However, it looks like one person luckily found an amazing one that looks like some structure. Who could have known that nature can create something as gorgeous as this?

Unexpected and Epic Photos

5. Square Fish?

We call starfish as starfish because they have the shape of a star. Thus, would you believe this photo? So that you know, there are over 1,500 species of this creature that experts are aware of. And out of all those, it is inevitable for some of them to look somewhat different than we all know. This square-shaped starfish end up one of a kind because of a congenital disability but who could ever say that they are less beautiful?

Photo Credit: Phil Mercurio

6. Reporter’s Back

Of course, we would not only talk about amazing things here. We have to admire some awesome people too! And who would have thought that aside from securing a decent make-up and formal dresses, reporters also primarily need to prepare their backs? Yes, backs. Before they face the cameras, both of their front and back needs to be ready. They almost even look like robots from the back because of the several devices attached to them!

Photo Credit: kuyakim_atienza

7. Creepy Looking Viruses Under the Microscope

Well, viruses, as we all know, are dangerous to our health. But who knew that their appearances look just as harmful too?

Unexpected and Epic Photos
Photo Credit: Minifig81

8. Secured with Spines Until Death

Cactuses are always known because of their spines. However, do you also know that some of them die like this? This cactus was undeniably dead, but it seems like his spines refused to leave him!

Unexpected and Epic Photos
Photo Credit: MischiefofRats

9. Super Bowl and Snipers

Who does not want to take part in a world-famous sports event? Attending the super bowl is some enthusiasts’ dream. However, would you still want to attend the event knowing that there is actually a sniper’s nest specially made in the stadium? Do not fret; these nests are created for safety. To make sure that everything will stay in order during the event and of course, to take action quickly if a sudden attack happens.

10. Stay Disciplined or Else…

Chinese disciplined are known for being disciplined but who would not be, after strict training like this? If you want to have a good posture, would you like to try this trick?

Unexpected and Epic Photos
Photo Credit: Divit_Nair

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