Top 7 Puzzling Phenomena taken by Google Earth

Photo Credit: © google

Google Earth, one of Google’s greatest services, has really been considered the satellite to provide amazing or sometimes, mysterious picture to human-kind. Everything that they can see under their radar is, of course, a certain place here on earth. The suspicious places are what makes it more exciting.

Here’s my top 7 list:

Top #7 – Nazca Lines, Peru

Photo Credit: © google

To start our list, at top #7 we have Nazca Lines. These are geoglyphs that can be found in Peru. Its length is approximately 450 square kilometers.
Legends say that this event illustrates different creatures from the human imagination and the natural world. The animals included are the monkey, lizard, spider, hummingbird, killer whale, and pelican. It also exhibits plants, flower, and trees. This place also shows geometric patterns like triangles, spirals, rectangles and even wavy lines.

Top #6 – Landlocked Lips in Sundan

Photo Credit: © google

Sitting in top #6 is the Landlocked Lips. This event is formed by two rocked-formed ridges that can be found in West Darfur, Sundan. It depicts a shape of a pair of lips which makes it so amazing to see. On the other hand, it is quite mysterious because of the fact that it was formed at this pattern. It is actually a hill formation which narrates for the shading of its color.

Top #5 – The Boneyard in USA

Photo Credit: © google

Our top #5 in our list is a unique one. What could be spookier than to realize that there is a place where military planes go to die? This place is called The Davis Monthan Air Force Base which is located in Tucson, Arizona. In this image, we can see a large number of US planes parked in an organized manner. This place had become a retirement home for these planes. It totals to over 4,400 US planes that are located here. It is closed to public today but thanks to Google Earth, we managed to see a picture of it.

Top #4 – The large sea creature in New Zealand

Photo Credit: © google

Top #4 is a creepy one. Can you imagine seeing long sea animal swimming in the water? As you can see in the picture, it looks like a giant snake but its size is insane. This mystery creature was observed and it was verified that it’s larger than a shark and faster than a whale. This only shows how terrifying our water forms are.

Top #3 – The Snow Saddle in Nepal

© google

As we approach our top #3 in our list, with Google Earth’s finest jobs, it manages to take a picture of the major mountain peak of the Himalayas. This scenery is generally called Kangtega and also known as The Snow Saddle. Its summit is insanely high with a measurement of 6,782 meters. As we can see in this picture, there’s a black part on it, which is believed to be a secret entrance to UFO. It is also believed that it might be a secret base by the government. As of today, it is still an unknown mystery.

Top #2 – The Shipwreck in Iraq

Photo Credit: © google

The top #2 in our list is this shipwreck image in Iraq. If you’re a fan of Titanic, you might remember that disastrous movie with this picture. This shows a very sad phenomenon that should have never happened. We could just imagine the people’s lives that were lost in this image.

Top #1 – Grand Prismatic Spring in USA

 Puzzling Phenomena
Photo Credit: © google

Our top #1 for this list is the Grand Prismatic Spring in USA. This mesmerizing image shows the biggest hot spring in the whole United States. What’s so special in this spring is its color. It actually matches the dispersion of the rainbow with white light by optical prism. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

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