Top Ten Most Memorable Reactions to #Trashtag Challenge

Whenever we heard the word “viral” or whenever we see a popular hashtag, we often think of iconic moments recreated to bring entertainment in pop culture. While it’s the norms, there’s a viral movement that is dramatically breaking the Internet.  The new challenge is not for entertainment –it’s far beyond that. It’s all about “Saving the Planet.”

Let’s check some facts. Every year, people from all over the world can generate 1.3 billion tonnes of household waste. A large percentage comes from the mainland, and almost all of it either end up on large dumpsites or up in the bodies of water.

As more and more people are becoming aware of what’s happening on our planet, one Internet user decided to start a clean-up challenge. It goes by the hashtag #trashtag which encourages everyone to take a photo of the area with trash on it. Then, a clean-up must be done, and the user has to take another picture after. Then, that person is expected to pass up the challenge to others. Just like any other viral challenges in the past, it’s meant to be a cycle.

Needless to say, the viral challenge was met with great reactions from people all over the world. Today, we decided to gather the top ten most memorable responses to the #trashtag challenge.

TOP 10

1. Teenage students from Vietnam gathered together to clean up a public forest park.

2. One man from Nepal worked on cleaning up a vacant lot by the road.

3. Last January 2019, Filipino volunteers worked on a major cleanup on Manila Bay, the largest bay on the Philippines which also served as a people’s park.

4. More than 500 volunteers from Mumbai had managed to clean 5 million kg of waste from a beach shore.

5. A woman rides on her kayak every day to clean their local waterways. She earned the nickname “Selma Kayak.”

6. Three friends decided to clean up a vacant lot and managed to collect seven sacks of waste by the road.

7. Three men spent days to clean up a riverside.

8. A man cleaned up a vacant lot in his neighborhood.

9. Volunteers in Mexico gathered together to save a barren land from waste.

10. A group of students in Dimapur also reacted to the challenge by cleaning the vacant lot near their school.

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