Trash to Triumph: Amazing “Alien” Play at North Bergen High School

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There has always come to a point in our lives wherein we were a part of a school play. The excitement on what to do and what to enact is a part of the struggles in making an excellent play. The moments on which you are on stage and which part you have to ratify lets the viewers see the superb portrayal of the scenes. However, some students rely on the things that are most available to them, and that is talent. The talent of a person can have an assortment of attributes. The ability to ad lib, the ability to make crucial decisions on set and many more are some talents that students of the drama club have. However, the talent that led North Bergen High School becoming triumphant is different.

A lot of people have considered kids as the future of our developing world. Creativity, knowledge, and dedication are things that most kids have. These were genuinely emphasized at North Bergen High School.

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Have you ever heard of the 1979 sci-fi movie film “Alien”? Well, the film is all about explorers that explored an alien ship to find them trapped with a blood-hungry alien. But in the end, they managed to kill it. This was the play that the drama club at North Bergen High School enacted. So what is the catch? They spent nothing.

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The drama club, headed by Steven Defendini, portrayed the film exquisitely. The props are made with recycled materials all around the town. Steven Defendini’s wife also quoted that her husband scouts the city for garbage so he can teach students how to makes something out of nothing. The innovative way of constructing materials out of nothing was brought to the table on the play.

Though some have been skeptical on how the play was going to be enacted. Since the drama club never did have the chance to put up a fund campaign. They resort on their ingenuity.

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