True BFF Goals: Body Figure Don’t Care

Nowadays, Instagram has already become a part of people’s everyday routine. However, did you know that studies found out that spending even only half an hour a day on IG have negative impact? It higher the risks of young women think negatively of their body’s appearance and weight? The Macquarie University alongside the University of New South Wales had proven this fact. They have concluded that Instagram gives more negative impact than those almost-impossible photographs. Even more than the photos that can be seen on the television and magazines as Instagram users are real. Instead of being inspired to have a better-looking body figure, teens tend to feel more depressed.

However, this situation is not the worst case scenario you can find on Instagram. Some teens, most specifically young women are being bashed, and body shamed because of proudly sharing their photos. This same scenario happened with one social media user, Dani Austin.

The Bffs

Dani was one of those social media users who receive negative comments because of her thin body figure. Knowing that she was not the only one suffering from this kind of situation, Dani and her best friend, Sarah Tripp decided to do something. And it called great attention from a lot of Instagram users all over the world.

Body Figure
Photo Credit: Dani Austin’s Instagram (danniaustin)

Sarah also experiences body shaming just like Dani. However, unlike her best friend she often receives fatphobic comments. Dani’s heart breaks every single time she read nasty comments on her best friend’s photo. “Because of her beautiful curvy figure, Sarah tells me that she receives so many mean comments that she’s ‘overweight’, ‘unhealthy’, or ‘a bad role model. It’s so rude and so ridiculous! I honestly can’t think of anyone who’s a better role model than Sarah. Her only goal is to help us ladies feel confident, SASSY, and love our bodies no matter the size!”

Body Figure
Photo Credit: Sarah Tipp’s Instagram (sassyredlipstick)

On the other hand, Sarah feels the same over Dani, “Because of her naturally thin figure she tells me she often sees comments like ‘she’s anorexic’, ‘looks like she needs to eat’, ‘look at those chicken legs”, etc. how sad is that?!”

Each Other’s Strenght

Both being under the same kind of situation, the best of friends thought of something to get the attention of all social media users. Dani and Sarah proudly posted several images on their Instagram accounts as they posed in identical bikinis and left an inspiring message.

“I’m sure we’ve all been hurt by something that was said about us or maybe we have a little voice inside our heads telling us we aren’t pretty, smart, or successful enough. Sarah and I believe that we are ALL so much more than what you see on the outside and the truth is, we don’t need the approval of others to find our self-worth. The ultimate form of girl power is self-confidence. And even though that’s always a work in progress for most, it’s one of my top goals. Let’s all remember to love ourselves because empowered women empower women. Body shaming is never okay – let’s remember that love and kindness are never wasted!”

Body Figure
Photo Credit: Sarah Tipp’s Instagram (sassyredlipstick)

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