Unbelievable Pictures of Emilia Clarke from the Hospital after Experiencing Two Aneurysms

Photo Credit: Emilia_clarke

Emilia Clarke considered as a distinctive tough character in Game of Thrones and named as Daenerys Targaryen (the mother of dragons). She has a role as a conqueror of kingdoms on the series, but fans didn’t know that she’s fighting another battle in real life. Lately, Emilia shared everyone about suffering from multiple severe brain aneurysms. The first incident happened right after the first season of the series she’s in, the Game of Thrones. For the first time, the famous actress shared a unique picture of herself after the surgery after she recovered from the hospital.

1. Emilia Clarke, legendary star of The Game of Thrones, opens up about her dangerous brain aneurysms with hasn’t-been-seen pictures of her hospitalization

Photo Credit: Emilia_clarke

In this picture, no one would expect that she has been experiencing such a thing. She looks lovely and problem-free; neither did we all know that she was having a different battle outside the Game of Thrones world.

2. Another picture of the ever beautiful, Emilia Clarke.

Photo Credit: Emilia_clarke

She looks so perfect in this picture, who would have thought that she was not okay. In an article entitled, “A Battle of Life” which published in New York, the actress revealed that she was rushed to the hospital last 2011 for an urgent surgery needed for a subarachnoid hemorrhage. It is a type of stroke that could lead to death.

3. A cute picture of Emilia Clarke with Jon Snow.

Photo Credit: Emilia_clarke

The actress wrote that she experienced an aneurysm when she was working out on the gym. She was forced to go to the toilet and vomited. She suffered a constricting pain which made her realize that her brain is already damaged.

4. A saddening picture of the actress, Emilia Clarke, in the hospital.

Photo Credit: Emilia_clarke

Clarke wrote that her aneurysm has hugely affected her career. According to her, she would sometimes forget her lines, and as an actress, it’s a difficult thing to experience. Clarke also mentioned that her not remembering her name. She would sometimes ask a nurse just to let her die because of stress.

5. Another picture of Emilia Clarke in the hospital again.

Photo Credit: Emilia_clarke

After years, she experienced her second aneurysm. She said that the second attack, she felt that a little part of her brain died because it didn’t absorb any blood. She further explained that the brain functions as a short circuit.

6. Emilia Clarke sitting on a chair, utterly adorable!

Photo Credit: Emilia_clarke

She started a charity organization to promote the visibility for brain injury survivors. The charity was called SameYou. It aims to provide treatment for people who are recovering from a stroke and other brain injuries.

7. Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons!

Photo Credit: Emilia_clarke

Even she suffered such brain injury; we would still see her on the finale of Game Thrones! She happily said that she is glad to be part of the ending of the story and to another beginning of whatever comes.

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