Video leaks Vegan Influencer Eating Animal Products. Followers Outraged!

Photo Credit: Rawvana Instagram

Vegans are down-right obedient only to consume plant-based foods. The practice of just eating plant-based diet is veganism. This is the thing that leads Vegan Influencer Yovana to her mishap. Yovana is a popular vegan influencer with almost 1.3 million followers. Additionally, she uses her vegan diets and plans to earn a profit. She sold tons of copies of her diet plans and claims that it works. However, a point on her “vegan” only diet made her sick.

Photo Credit: Rawvana Youtube

It is known that protein is necessary to maintain bodily functions in the body. Also, fatty acids are required for the biological process in the body. If some of you consider on having a vegan diet, then you must know your bodily functions first. This is what happened to the Vegan Influencer Yovana. Her life deteriorated due to eating just plant-based food. Her lifestyle began the same as any other vegan out there, constraining to eat only plant-based diet and sometimes having 20-day water fasting. Yes! Yovana did 25 days of just drinking water.

Photo Credit: Rawvana Instagram

The moment she realized that her bodily functions had dropped was when she noticed that her period stopped. She went to the experts looking for a diagnosis that is inclined with her diet, vegan diet. Her response to the diagnosis of eating healthier and fatty food was a big no. But later, she still had to. This is what led Yovana to outrage her followers. Still maintaining her supposedly vegan rapport to her followers, a video leaked wherein she was caught eating fish. Her followers are fuming when they saw that their popular vegan influencer is eating animal products.

Photo Credit: Rawvana Youtube

Yovana took action and made an apology video explaining that she ate animal products for the sake of her health, not that she likes it. However, her followers are not buying it. Still, Yovana approves of the downfall of her followers, and that she failed them. But this did not stop her from continuing her craft. Until today, you can check out her website, and she is still selling her raw vegan diet plans. This is just something to look at, that you can’t trust any influencer. No matter how many people are following them, you must have self-love and know that every person is different.

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