What is Weight? Find it out with Ms. Osuna’s Shocking Revelation

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People tend to overlook the meaning of weight. Most of us rely on the appearance that our naked eyes seen and connect it to the existing number of our mass.  An intriguing story about this blogger went viral after she posted the shocking transformation of her weight.

Adrienne Osuna is a fitness blogger who’s inclined with weight training. She is a mother of four and struggled a lot about her weight. Her years of dealing with detrimental weight finally came to an end when she decided to put a period and started another paragraph of living healthier.

Embracing her seriousness and willpower to lose body measurement, she started performing powerlifting and cardio exercises. Not only that because she also began an irregular fasting. As the flabbergasting results, she lost pounds, gained muscle and kicked ass.

Her ways are kind of difficult to attain with most of us, but seeing the outcome of her workouts is definitely moving.

She then became the center of attraction after her post about the realization that focusing solely on weight is a confusing goal. The post was a photo of her before-and-after that showed her previous and present built. It was indeed a body goal which ended up with unbelievable aftermath of losing one pound.

What is Weight
Photo Credit: Adrienne Osuna

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