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Will Crows Bring You Present as a Token of Gratitude: Ask This Seattle Man

Photo Credit: Stuart Dahlquist

We always say that when you do well to others, better will come back to you. And if you think that is just exclusive for human interactions, then I beg you to consider again. Animals can express their gratitude as well, and in some times, they can do a better job than us humans. Stuart Dahlquist, a 56-year-old Seattle native, had his mind blown all over the place when a family of crows who he has been feeding for years now brought him an unexpected gift. Typically, you’d think that this is just a one-time thing, but again, these crows to love him so much that they gave him another one the very next day. Stuart is a bird enthusiast himself, so it’s safe to assume that he has it all already when it comes to birds, but this family of crows still found a way to surprise him.

Photo Credit: StuartDahlquist

He has stated that ever since he was a kid, he has always found crows as amazing creatures. He has said: “Birds – all kinds – have been a real focal part of my life; I love watching them, listening to their calls, identifying them… Oh! And helping them if they need help. I’m not a real ‘birder’ with high powered binoculars or anything like that, but they play an outsized role in my enjoyment of life.”

It has been about more than four years now when he started feeding this particular crow family. “They nest in a large douglas fir tree that’s in our front yard, and we could hear the babies when the parents would feed them,” he continued. “One day I found both babies had fallen to the ground, almost able to fly but not quite. We got them into a tree and the parents – pretty angry with us actually – took it from there and the little ones survived. We began feeding them soon after.”

Initially, there were of them, but due to a sad turn of events, the adult female got killed by a raccoon before these gifts even showed up.

Photo Credit: StuartDahlquist

As a bird lover ever since he was a kid, he had said that he could easily tell when these crows were hungry. “Sometimes when I’m walking they’ll fly with me, landing on the wires and branches above as I amble along. When we get home they like to land on the fence and wait to be fed. Other times they simply “Caw! Caw!” at us… It’s pretty obvious when they want food.” He feeds them high-quality dry cat food with very little filler. “Crows aren’t as keen on corn as people seem to think.”

“The adult male is very distinctive,” Stuart said. “His right leg was injured at some point and didn’t heal properly so he hops on only one foot. I often wish we could do something about it but there really isn’t a way. He gets around just fine otherwise.”

Photo Credit: StuartDahlquist

He has fallen in love with these wondrous flying creatures, birds, for as long as he can remember. He continued “When birds are very young, they will become very tame and I had a few wild birds as a kid; a robin, a magpie. Since I became an adult, crows have been my companions quite a lot, as well. I had one ‘The Judge’ (named after Cormac McCarthy’s character in Blood Meridian) for ten or eleven years. He was really a wonderful pet and we’d likely still have him if it wasn’t for some raccoons killing him one night. While we had The Judge we also had quite a few rescue crows while he was with us (which we released). There was one rescue that came to us while still very young and he became quite tame. We rehired him to a wild animal trainer and as I understand it that crow appears in movies.”

It’s worth mentioning that none of Stuart’s birds were taken from their parents. “They came to us as hurt, of having fallen from the nest and couldn’t be returned, or had been abandoned. Please don’t ever take a chick from its nest.”

“Buddy – This [pic was taken] right after we found him and were bandaging his broken wing.”

Photo Credit: Stuart Dahlquist

“The Judge hanging around the living room. He used to give the other pets hell!”

Photo Credit: Stuart Dahlquist

People felt moved by the generosity and gratitude these crows has shown for the kind Stuart and posted their reactions online. Indeed, our good deeds are never gone, even those who you expect the least might reward you back.

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