You Will Feel Old Looking At These 7 Hilarious ‘Then And Now Memes’

While most of us dream of going to Neverland and not grow old at all, I take it another way because I am quite looking forward to getting old. Having a job with lots of spare time, lifetime savings and all the freedom life could offer. Well, you may as well take your time to explore your subconscious mind right before you lose all your memories.

So, every time someone asks me if I’m “feeling old yet,” I don’t take it as a bad thing.

These memes, which have been circulating around the web for years now, make the aging group smile from ear-to-ear through the comparison of their childhood television and movie heroes versus how they are imagined to look right now. Some of them are hilariously creative while others are realistic lookalikes.

Didn’t get what we mean? Scroll down below and check out this list of brilliant memes.

People who look at age as the basis of wisdom and overall approval are more than 40percent more likely to survive from a disorder than those who see aging as close enough to being hopeless or ineffective. It is according to The Journal of the American Medical Association.

Diet plays the most essential role in your physical and mental health. Consume more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and everything that is good for the body.

Studies have found that diet is very effective to help you live a longer life. It protects you from getting heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s disease. So spend most of your free time getting busy on your kitchen.

We lost muscle mass and became less mobile as we age. Exercise will help to keep us strong and flexible. Pick up some weights! But remember that a basic regular walk can boost your health. According to Real Simple, being fit may reduce age-related memory loss. The increase in physical activity decreases the statistic of common diseases by 25 percent.

Being connected to people is very important because loneliness can be very harmful to your health. Feeling lonely often leads to getting dementia or depression, that is according to WebMD

They said that people who think being left out and isolated are more prone to stress. Researchers stated that lonely people have higher levels of stress hormones that cause inflammation, or swelling that is linked to arthritis and diabetes. They also die earlier than those who feel happy and content in life.

So go out and make more friends! Connect with people.

There is a reason for the existence of the stereotypes about prune juice and bran cereal. Fiber is good to your body because consuming plenty of it helps you maintain a healthy body as you get older.

Fiber also helps you avoid constipation, which is common to older adults. At age 50 and beyond, men should aim 30 grams of fiber a day while women should get 21 grams per day.

So, there you go. Those are just a few tips that will help you embrace getting old. Don’t be afraid of age, it’s just a number. Fill your life with happiness and be grateful all the time. Just enjoy!

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